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Frequently asked Questions

  1. Who exactly are Kontainers and what do you do?
    Kontainers is an Enterprise Software as a service company serving carriers and forwarders with own branded freight forwarding software allowing your clients to get instant rates, book cargo and manage all shipments online on any internet enabled device. Watch our videos to find out more.
  2. Are you similar to Flexport and Freighthub?
    No, we enable carriers and forwarders to better compete with these companies. They are attempting to disrupt and we enable existing shipping brands go digital faster and cheaper.
  3. We have a website, why would we need Kontainers?
    Kontainers can be used with your existing software or deliver a complete digital experience across 12 modules from instant rates to booking to trucking, customs, dashboards, next generation bill of lading, back office, chat and more. We will increase your quote-to-booking ratio and you will achieve a positive return on investment in an average of just 6 months.
  4. All my clients have different rates. How will that work?
    Your clients can see your tariff pricing at log in and their own tailored rates are pushed to their dashboards securely.
  5. We have back office software.
    Kontainers is a new genre of client facing software that is complementary to your existing back office software by giving client facing solutions.
  6. Do you offer support?
    Yes we have world class support for the lifetime of your contract and a help base to answer questions.
  7. But what if your website goes down?
    We are serving 4 of the top 20 global shipping brands for some years now and we have a 99.9999999% uptime and a world class distributed framework.
  8. How much does it cost?
    Just $100,000 to have your own branded platform live anywhere in the world in 4 weeks and then $10,000 per month all inclusive to run and maintain.
  9. Do I need to go online this year?
    Yes! giving your clients the ability to get access to instant rates , book digitally and get access to state of the art dashboards are a key differentiator now but soon will be a prerequisite to doing business.
  10. Will your product ever add air?
    Yes it will indeed already in the works and is expected next year.
Kontainers' freight software products now power own-branded platforms for almost a quarter of the world's top 20 global shipping brands, most recently including Maersk Line. Graham Parker, CEO @ Kontainers

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