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Media Kit

The Kontainers brand is more than a logo. It is a set of values, beliefs, and artwork that reflects the spirit of our company. Using it consistently will reinforce our passion and commitment to providing a world class experience.

Brand Guidelines

Logotype & Device

The Kontainers logotype and logo device have evolved just as Kontainers is evolving. Their simplicity denotes quality and transparency, and they have been designed to stand alone.

Adequate space must allowed around each as specified. Minimum size is at your descretion although letter forms should be clearly legible.

Download the assets below and treat in accordance with the brand guidlines.

Kontainers logo specifications

Logotype v1

The logotype is the prefered brand identifier unless there is insufficient space. In such circumstances the logo device should be used.

Kontainers dark text

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Logotype v2

The logotype also comes in white but only should be used mounted on the brand background colours Kontainers Blue or Kontainers Black.

Kontainers logo white text

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Logotype v3

This version should be used if the contexts background is not Kontainers Blue or Kontainers Black.


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Logo Device v1

The logo device should be used when space is at a premium or where the text "Kontainers" features alongside the logo (e.g. Social media posts).

It can only be used individually, not in in conjunction with the logo type.

Kontainers logo device

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Logo Device v2

For situations where only one colour can be used or the use of the Kontainer gradient does not work in the design context.

The only allowable background colour is white.

Kontainers logo mono blue

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Logo Device v3

For situations where only one colour can be used or the use of the Kontainer gradient does not work in the design context.

The only allowable background colours are Kontainers Blue and Kontainers Black.

Kontainers logo mono white

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Primary Colour Palette

Our core brand colours strive to support our key brand positioning pilllars of innovation, transaprency and simplicity, and aim at building and fostering trust in the company and its products. The sceondary colour palette and other brand colours can be found in the Brand Guidelines.

Kontainers Black

#111111 C:73 M:67 Y:67 K:83

Kontainers Blue

#1D2C59 C:100 M:91 Y:36 K:30

Kontainers Turquoise

#2BA6B3 C:74 M:14 Y:29 K:0

Kontainers Yellow

#F1BF1A C:5 M:24 Y:100 K:0


Most Kontainers photography should feature environments shown at large scale reflecting the collosal nature of the industry. This central theme of size and scale underpins every aspect (network, vessels, volume) which is re-inforced through our brand imagery. The juxtaposition of vast and complex symbolism with our straightforward user experience supports our key tenet of making the complex elementary, “Freight shipping made Simple”. Tones of blue are also important to link with identity colours.

Approved photograhy examples can be downloaded from the Kontainers Photography Library.